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Drink to Your Health! Tasty Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Recipes

By Res-Q editor 3 months ago 3178 Views No comments

Honey Zinger 


2 cups water, flat or sparkling
4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1/4 teaspoon honey

Combine all the ingredients together in a tall glass and mix until the honey is completely dissolved.
Enjoy immediately with a few ice cubes.

When to Buy Organic: The Dirty Dozen List

By Res-Q editor 4 months ago 1142 Views No comments

Each year, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) analyzes test results of more than 35,200 samples of fruits and vegetables taken by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration. Then, based on the results, they formulate a list known as the “Dirty Dozen.”

Five Greens to Boost Your Health

By Res-Q editor 4 months ago 609 Views No comments

You know you are supposed to eat your veggies, but have you ever wondered which ones give you the best bang for your buck? Look no further. Naturopathic doctor Melissa Josselson, N.D., says these five power-packed greens should be on your grocery list every week.

The Link Between Stress and Cortisol

By Res-Q editor 5 months ago 1166 Views No comments

You’ve heard it before: Stress makes you gain weight, but do you understand why? Here’s a snapshot of what goes on inside your body when you are stressed.

There are two grape-sized glands that sit on top of your kidneys called adrenal glands. They produce hormones and chemicals such as adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol in response to any situation your body perceives as stressful.

Is Sugar Making You Sick? Cut it Out!

By Res-Q editor 5 months ago 1147 Views No comments

These days, everyone is talking about the evils of sugar. But what's reality and what's a myth? Get the real scoop  from Dr. Melissa Josselson, a naturopathic doctor on the Res-Q Medical Advisory Board. 

Q: Is sugar really as bad as people make it out to be?

A: Essentially, yes. Refined sugar contains no nutrients and when consumed, is harmful to the body. Sugar:

  • Increases inflammation
  • Suppresses the immune system
  • Increases triglyceride levels
  • When processed in the body, causes  depletion of nutrients
  • Accelerates aging
  • Creates an addictive response in the brain
  • Increases your risk of numerous chronic disease including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Stop Stressing!

By Amy Koch 7 months ago 1245 Views No comments

Are you constantly stressed? Do you rely on caffeine to get through your day? In today’s busy, fast-paced world, this is not uncommon. For many, an intensely busy life symbolizes success; however, chronic stress can lead to serious health consequences.  Symptoms such as insomnia, heart palpitations, anxiety, digestive issues, headaches and severe fatigue can all be related to stress overload.

Res-Q Norwegian Arctic Cod: A Tale of Fishermen

By Res-Q Editor 11 months ago 3098 Views No comments

On a clear, crisp morning off the coast of Norway, a fleet of boats sails along the cold waters of the Norwegian Sea. Many of the crew members are family; others have been friends or acquaintances for decades, relationships forged through generations of fishing the pristine, open waters that form the backbone of Norway’s economy.

Making a Resolution? Tips to Keep It

By Res-Q editor 2 years ago 8039 Views No comments

So, you’ve decided to set forth and accomplish a goal in 2017 – that’s great! You are among the 50 percent of Americans who make a resolution at the start of each year. The question is: Will you be among the 8 percent who actually stick to it?

With Res-Q on your side, our bet is yes. However, we want to increase your odds a bit, so let’s review some tips on how to succeed (for real, this time).   

Goal: Lose Weight

If you’ve decided you want to slim down in 2017, you should set measurable goals. “Losing weight” is a nebulous and lofty goal that’s difficult to achieve if you don’t give yourself mini milestones.  However, if you say you are going to eliminate sugar from your diet and walk for 30 minutes three times a week in the hopes that you’ll lose 5 pounds in two weeks (and build from there), the end goal becomes more achievable. Res-Q’s brand new Ideal Weight can help you on your weight-loss journey. In fact, clinical studies show when taken as directed and paired with a sensible diet, most people notice results in two weeks.

Goal: Start Exercising

Getting active is one of the best things you can do for your health. It’s great for your heart, joints, brain and mood. If you haven’t gotten much activity lately, you may feel stiff and sore when you first start. This is completely normal. GlycoMarine and 1250 omega-3 can help lubricate your joints and keep you moving throughout the year.

Goal: Get More Sleep

“I’m so tired.” If these words sound familiar, chances are you’re not getting enough restorative sleep. The average adult needs seven to eight hours of shuteye nightly. If you want to stay healthy, this is a requirement – not an option. Some researchers say regularly depriving yourself of sleep is just as bad for your health as smoking. Omega-3s can help regulate your circadian rhythm so you feel sleepy when you should. If you have trouble falling and staying asleep, Res-Q PM could be what you need to help you get the rest your body needs.

Goal: Eat Better

We’ve all been there. We have good intentions to eat well, but then someone brings cookies to work. It’s OK to indulge occasionally if you stay on track the rest of the time. One of the best ways to do this is to plan ahead – look at restaurant menus before you get there and choose a healthy option; fill up on the veggie tray at the party before you choose a couple calorie-rich options; keep a healthy snack in the car while you’re out running errands so you’re not tempted to hit a fast food drive-through.  If sugar cravings are your nemesis, 105MAX could help. It helps fight those cravings and supports healthy blood sugar metabolism.

Goal: Be Happier

Ah, the elusive state of mind. When asked what’s wanted most in life, the majority of people simply reply, “I want to be happy.” Although many, many factors contribute to contentment, a positive attitude certainly plays a starring role. If you’re one of the billions struggling to stay positive, omega-3s may be just what the doctor ordered. Time and time again, studies show omega-3s, particularly those high in EPA, can help ease depression and improve mood. And when you’re feeling good, you will feel more motivated to accomplish all of your goals, all year long!