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We will accept returns from our wholesale customers and issue a refund for the product cost to the original method of payment within 60 days for the following reasons only:

  • Product damaged in shipping.
  • Res-Q issues a product recall.
  • Products shipped to you in error by us.


We will accept product returned by your customer to you in an unsellable condition, within 60 days of purchase from you for the following reasons only. (All customer returns must be made to you and not RES-Q.).

  • Doctor advised customer not to take the product.
  • Product is defective.
  • Customer allergic or could not take product


We will accept products you ordered in error within 30 days of the date of purchase.


All returns, you must include a completed RETURN FORM.  Without this information, credit will not be issued.  All returns must ship with the completed RETURN FORM to Res-Q at 1862 Tollgate Rd., Sec. 10, Palm, PA 18070.

FOR BROKER ACCOUNTS:  Please contact your broker to process all returns with Res-Q.  A completed RETURN FORM is still required for all returns.  Res-Q will issue a call tag to pick up the returns for specific broker accounts.


We will not accept returns for the following reasons:

  • Products you ordered and then decided you did not want.
  • Products that are not selling or are out-of-date.
  • Products returned by your customer more than 60 days from date of purchase.
  • Products returned directly to RES-Q by your customers (product must be returned by you or your broker [if applicable]).


You may also email us anytime at